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Don’t Overpay For K-Cups – Find The Best Online Deals Don’t Overpay For K-Cups – Find The Best Online Deals
Need coffee? K-cups are the most convenient and fastest way to get your daily dose of pumpkin spice in the morning. Great for people... Don’t Overpay For K-Cups – Find The Best Online Deals

Need coffee? K-cups are the most convenient and fastest way to get your daily dose of pumpkin spice in the morning. Great for people always on the go, K-Cups are a godsend to working people and stay-at-home parents everywhere.

Available in grocery stores and other retail stores nationwide, K-Cups have come to dominate the coffee industry. With tons of K-Cup options and accessories available, you can find any flavor and type of coffee you can imagine, making for a whole lot of options, and with K-Cup refill filters, you can use any brand of coffee you prefer and save money. If you are interested in learning more about K-Cups where to get them at the best prices, read more below.

When they first came out, there were only a few choices of K-Cups available, now there are literally hundreds to choose from. You can find Keurig brand K-Cups at most stores including popular flavors such as Keurig’s Donut Shop coffee. If you aren’t sure which cups you might like, you can purchase a variety sample pack, just like the ones you might find included with your Keurig machine. If you already have a coffee brand you prefer, you can find both home-brew brands like Folgers and Café Bustelo, and coffee shop brands like Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee and Dunkin Donuts in a variety of their flavors. With these conveniently ready-to-brew pods, you can make coffee almost instantly – just turn on your Keurig coffee machine, load the pod, press the button and you’ll have a piping hot cup of coffee in less than a minute.

How You Are Overpaying Now

When it comes to replenishing your supply, there are a few different ways to go about it. The most expensive way is to buy your K-Cups in the store. Often, you’ll find K-cups in packs of 10 for around $6 or $7, but this is not the most economical option. This brings you to $0.70 per cup of coffee…

How to Save Now

When it comes to saving money, the key is to buy the larger boxes because, the more you buy, the more you can save in the long run. While the packs of 10 are great for trying out certain flavors, you can buy larger boxes of 60 to 75 K-Cups for $35 to $40 in wholesale stores like Costco, in some grocery stores like Ralphs, or even online from websites like Amazon. Doing this could bring you to $0.50 per cup of coffee or less, saving you almost a quarter each cup that you drink. If you are anything like our staff at GoodFind, that savings adds up very quickly.

With Amazon, you can subscribe and save on K-Cups, having your preferred brand and flavor ordered and shipped to you automatically each month. Another option for subscription services is to use Keurig’s Auto-Delivery service that allows you to buy all Keurig branded cups as often as you like with a savings of 25% off. There’s also premium coffee subscription services like Coffee cargo, where you can try premium coffees that you can’t get anywhere else.

Other Options

Another great way to fill up is with refillable options. With K-Cup refillable pods and filters, you can use literally any coffee you prefer, because you can add your own ground coffee into the pod. This is a great way to get that same fresh ground taste right out of your Keurig machine. Refillable K-Cups called GoodCups can be purchased through Amazon and are loaded into the same spot where you would put your disposable K-Cups. Coffee Bean N Leaf Brews makes another great refillable coffee pod that is completely reusable and dishwasher safe. Of course, Keurig also makes their own refillable pod: the Keurig My K-Cup that allows you to use your own gourmet coffee by adding it to the filter provided. Replace the filter with the pod loader attached to your machine and you are ready to go. Using any refillable pod is not only a great way to have your favorite coffee not available in disposable cups, but it’s also great for the environment too!

Keurig Green Mountain said it plans by 2020 to change the plastic composition in the billions of K-cup single-serving coffee containers it sells annually, making them more lucrative to recyclers while removing one of the nagging complaints that mountains of the little pods are piling up in landfills.

“Our goal is 100 percent Keurig K-cup pods diverted from landfills by curbside recycling,” said Monique Oxender, the coffee brewer’s chief sustainability officer. “The consumer is going to brew it, peel and empty it, and pop the pod into the recycling bin in the same behavior they would do with a yogurt cup. We want them to make it a habit.”

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