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Googles DayDream Veiw Stands Out Googles DayDream Veiw Stands Out
Meet Daydream View, the first Daydream-ready headset and controller for experiencing high quality, mobile virtual reality. Explore new worlds, kick back in your personal... Googles DayDream Veiw Stands Out

Meet Daydream View, the first Daydream-ready headset and controller for experiencing high quality, mobile virtual reality. Explore new worlds, kick back in your personal Virtual Reality cinema, and play games that put you in the center of the action. Drop in any Daydream-ready phone, such as Pixel, to start exploring

The Great

  • It’s inexpensive
  • Great remote design
  • Fabric and flashy color design
  • Enhanced optics to widen the field of view
  • It’s comfortable even on extended use

The Not

  • Not many apps, games, content  yet
  • More Daydream phones are coming, but aren’t here yet
  • The Devices gets real hot while using and slows down
  • It only works with Google Pixel and Moto z
  • Light bleeds
  • The strap placement is problematic

The Conclusion
View is the best mobile headset I’ve ever used. It’s a molded shell that accommodates a mobile phone, with a one-handed control scheme — in this case, a small bundled remote with limited motion tracking capabilities. It gets better the more you learn to use it. Endless fun, needs more apps. Limited content is the big downside.

I’m Gonna Enjoy This

All tech specs and not picking aside I am going to have some fun with this. VR brings out so many feels for me. It’s a child like wonder and excitement that only the future can bring, where will I go what will I do…until I get nauseated then it’s back to reality.

Look and Feel

I love the fabric design, it’s fun and fitting. It’s allows it to me more forgiving leading to enhancing comfort. It’s easy to wear and it’s not irritating or having me make adjustments constantly.


Hookup, Setup

Hooking up a phone to the Daydream View is also simpler than using any other headset I’ve seen. You just need to open up the front latch, drop the phone in with the screen facing the lenses and then close everything up and secure it with an elastic band on the top. Pretty self explanatory, no real curve balls here.

There is a remote control with makes the VR experience much more immersive. The remote’s layout really simple, the touchpad on top, there is an app-specific OK button in the middle, at the bottom a home button, volume controls are on the sides right where they should be. All of this also makes it a breeze to use while you’re in the VR. Great remote design

The VR

I’m gonna say the actual VR Is not perfect. Like all VR 360 degree videos and other VR software it really transports you away to a whole different dimension. The problem and where there is room for improvement is light bleed and the strap that keeps the phone secure in the headset. It is placed directly over the power button on my phone causing the phone to shut off if I am not careful. Yeah, its happened twice, I continuously stretched the strap to avoid it but it’s tedious and breaks up the experience. Now, this is is cool for watching movies, you essentially turn the tiny screen on your phone into a personal IMAX screen.. I’m also not getting sick, Google makes Daydream from getting you nauseous by ensuring both phones and apps meet a certain quality standard.

The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating app.  In VR it has you  visualizing in real time how the economy is fairing.  You take the touchpad to rotate a holographic table which turns each majorly traded company’s share price into a 3D bar graph. I could see regular traders using this  on the commuter train for a quick, generic update of info but when a developer turns it in to  something tailored to their specific portfolios, could be revolutionary.


In The End, The Final Thought

These feel great, and the textile finish feels really natural. The controller is super intuitive and easy to use. While not impressed with boring content available, that’s developer related and will improve with time. The VR is great and I love watching movies on it, if my phone makes it through with out overheating. Worth the price if you have a Pixel or Moto Z. Must better option then Samsung’s gear.

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