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Facebook Closed in Papua New Guinea for a Month
Papua New Guinea’s Communications Minister Sam Basil has stated that Facebook is to be shut down in the country for a month. This time, Basil said, will be used to investigate the propagation of fake news and pornography on the site.   Facebook In Hot Water… Again  This news comes... Read more
Tech Live Look: Porsche’s Fascinating (And Awesome) Augmented Reality Glasses
While virtual reality headsets remain less than popular, augmented reality is booming. Snapchat filters and augmented reality games are popular with millions of users. On a more practical level, augmented reality may be used for car repairs in the future. Enter Porsche’s Tech Live Look. Porsche’s Tech Live Look  Porsche,... Read more
Ready for Some Tunes? Find out Which High-Fidelity Headphones are Our Favorites
Whether you’re rocking out on the go or jamming in your living room, there’s something really quite special about getting lost in your music. What headphones are the best for losing yourself to the beat? Read on to find out which high-fidelity headphones are our favorite!  Sony MDR Z7  Sony’s name usually... Read more
HP Spectre x360 15 Impresses With 4K
The HP Spectre is a big, gorgeous convertible laptop that doesn’t fail to impress. While it isn’t the most portable device in the world, it more than makes up for that in power and flexibility. Today we’re breaking down our favorite new features of the HP Spectre x360 15 for 2018.  Design and... Read more
10 Science Questions Every American Should Know the Answers To. Do You?
The National Science Foundation is an organization that keeps up with American’s scientific aptitude. To that end, every two years the NSF releases a series of ten basic science questions. These questions are meant to test the average American’s knowledge of science. Every American should know the answers to... Read more
Sony 4K Projector Redefining 4K Displays
4K TVs are limited in what they can display, size-wise, by their very nature. If you’ve been shopping around for an affordable 4K TV, you’ve probably noticed this. Panels can only get so big. What if you want a 4K image on an 85-inch display? What if you want the 4K... Read more
Razer Blade 2018: Worth the Hype?
Razer’s name is synonymous with computer gaming. Despite some diversions, like the Razer phone, the company is still dedicated to delivering top-notch gaming experiences. The new line of Razer Blade gaming laptops is no exception. What are some early impressions of the new line? Is it worth all the hype? And,... Read more
Must Have Apps for Apple Watch
If you’re a wearables enthusiast, odds are good you have an Apple Watch. Apple’s entry into the wearable market has been around for some time, but many users still don’t have some of the most useful apps! To remedy that, we’ve rounded up our favorite Apple Watchs apps. Check it out! ... Read more
Heads-Up, Android Users: Galaxy Note 9 Leaks Suggest New Features
Samsung is a huge name in the world of Android phones. And that’s no mistake: the Galaxy series of course phones has been, with some exceptions, phenomenal. Whats next for the storied brand? The Galaxy Note 9. So, let’s break it down: what’s in store for the next Samsung phablet? The rumor mill... Read more
Seismic Shifts: Netflix Now Worth More than Comcast
Cord cutters: it’s working. Comcast, everyone’s least favorite telecom company, is now worth less than streaming giant Netflix. This is a monumental moment, signaling the pendulum shift from traditional cable to streaming services. For many users, this is hardly a bad thing.   Netflix Ruling the Roost?  Netflix is a giant in... Read more