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If you have lower mobility or weak joints, you may find getting in and out of the bathtub to be difficult. If this is...

If you have lower mobility or weak joints, you may find getting in and out of the bathtub to be difficult. If this is the case, consider a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs are great for seniors with low mobility. There are a lot of walk-in tubs available of varying prices and qualities. In order to help you make a decision, we’ve rounded up the best walk-in tubs for seniors for your consideration.

Open the door to improved health, safety, comfort, and mobility.

Stepping over a bathtub wall can be dangerous. However, when you have a walk-in tub/shower, you can easily open the door and safely step in. Safe Step Walk-In Tubs for seniors were designed with your safety, comfort and convenience in mind.

If you’ve seen the TV commercials for Pat Boone’s walk-in bathtub, you can see the appeal. Walk-in tubs can free you from having to wait for help from loved ones, letting you enjoy your bathtub anytime you like. Walk-in bath tubs will help give you the independence you deserve.

Best Walk-In Tubs for Seniors

Ella Walk-In Baths

The dual-drain system and in-line heater of Ella Walk-In Baths make them luxurious and modern! The steel and glass construction looks great, and their acrylics are top quality.

Independent Home

Spa-like walk-in tubs from Independent Home are wonderful. They have options for both aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, which are their specialties. The 8 models to chose from can all be wheelchair accessible, which helps you be more independent. They can also be installed in just one day!

Bathing Solutions

Notable features of Bathing Solutions tubs are chromotherapy and heated seats! These luxurious tubs offer a spa-like experience, much like Independent Home.

Safe Step Walk-In

Safe Step is a brand renowned for its safety options like grab-bars, anti-slip materials and low steps. If you’re concerned with safety, this is a great choice. Their options start at just $9,000.

Bath Planet

Bath Planet is another manufacturer that offers one-day installation. Grab bars, non-slip material and seats are available, making these very safe tubs. They offer the thickest material, an acrylic, in the walk-in tub market.

American Standard

Here’s a brand you’ve likely heard of! American Standard’s walk-in tubs are top quality, as you would expect. They offer warranties up to 15 years for their tub shells, and up to 10 years for the components that make them up. They have options for aerotherapy and whirlpool, as well as soaking!


Believe it or not, the Jacuzzi brand makes walk-in tubs too! What’s cooler than having a Jacuzzi in your house? These come with lifetime warranties, and they are very tall-walled. You can bathe all the way up to your neck in warm, bubbly water! They have wheelchair accessible models, too!

Bathing Safely

Another brand that puts safety first, Bathing Safely is a respected name in the field of walk-in tubs. Bathing Safely offers non-slip materials, grab bars and wheelchair accessibility. If you’re concerned about your mobility, these are great models to consider.

Luxury Bath Technologies

Luxury Bath Technologies is well-known for their customer service, professional installation and fast install times. If you don’t like having to hassle on the phone or with installers, consider this great company.

Hydro Dimensions

Last but not least, Hydro Dimensions offers 16 distinct styles of walk-in tub! They offer great features like hand-held showers and wheelchair accessibility. They also offer a lifetime warranty! You can even opt for a massage therapy tub!

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