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2020 Cadillac XT6: Better than the Escalade? 2020 Cadillac XT6: Better than the Escalade?
How long ago did Cadillac first roll out the Escalade? If you remember all the way back to 1998, that was the first year... 2020 Cadillac XT6: Better than the Escalade?

How long ago did Cadillac first roll out the Escalade? If you remember all the way back to 1998, that was the first year Cadillac put that monster of an SUV on the market, for the 1999 model year. It was the first time Cadillac had really dipped their toes into the SUV market, and the results were unpredictably successful for the luxury carmaker. However, the 2020 model year is packed with a number of luxury SUVs all competing for the same buyers. It’s time for something new.

Enter the 2020 Cadillac XT6. The newest vehicle from Cadillac is expected to be a fierce competitor in the full-sized luxury SUV world. The enormous unibody design and the transverse-mounted engine are actually shared with the likes of the Buick Enclave. Today we’re breaking down the newest luxury SUV from Cadillac. Is the XT6 better than the Escalade?


This sure is a full-sized luxury SUV. 21-inch tires, a huge footprint, a nearly 16-foot long body and a very high seating position make this a natural fit in the category. The narrow, nearly “squinting” headlights also add to the look of a giant vehicle trying to squeeze into a non-imposing profile despite its size. Soft curves along the back and sides of the SUV also help it to look “squeezed” down to a smaller appearance than its actual dimensions.

If you’re a fan of Cadillacs, the trademark look is here in force. The large, black front grille with the iconic Cadillac emblem stand out on the front of the vehicle, as does the smoothly-sweeping design along the side of the vehicle. This is, visually, a fit successor to the Escalade.

Under the Hood

This isn’t a sports car by any measure, but it drives well for a huge SUV. Despite being three rows and sporting a massive footprint and huge wheels, the XT6 handles rather well around town and on the highway. It’s not going to be winning any races, of course but it’s nice to drive as a daily driver.

The AWD present in some options is powered by the GKN twin-clutch system, which is also seen on the Audi TT-RS and Ford Focus RS. Essentially, this gives the vehicle a great deal of control over its yaw, allowing the torque to be actively moved from side to side in order to keep the body roll to a minimum. It makes for a great-feeling ride, along with the quiet cabin and smooth transmission.


This is, in every way, a luxury vehicle. The new rotary jog wheel allows for control of the infotainment system that doesn’t require you use a touch screen. It’s much safer to not take your eyes off the road when you’re driving, so an option for controlling a touch screen without touching it is stellar. Of course, if you’re at a stop or riding passenger, you can still use the touch screen as per normal.

Pricing and Bottom Line

The XT6 is available at two trim levels. The first is the Premium Luxury trim, which comes in at $52,695, and comes standard with front-wheel drive, forward-collision warning, blind spot monitoring, lane-keep assist and more. The Sport trim, on the other hand, which comes in at $57,095, which comes with AWD, a more aggressive suspension and tighter steering. Both have numerous options available across the vehicle’s numerous add-ons.

This is a solid SUV, a good replacement for the Escalade and likely another big success for Cadillac. If you’re in the market for a huge SUV with a great ride, comfortable cabin and stylish design, then the 2020 XT6 is the car for you.