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The Best Way To Fight Fleas The Best Way To Fight Fleas
Few situations are more annoying to pets and their owners than a infestation of fleas. Fleas are mean, evil, awful little bugs. They get into... The Best Way To Fight Fleas

Few situations are more annoying to pets and their owners than a infestation of fleas. Fleas are mean, evil, awful little bugs. They get into your carpets, lay eggs and stick around for interminable lengths of time.

Quickly becoming a problem, fleas can infest homes in very short amounts of time, posing health risks and frustrating living conditions for both people and their pets.  All the while, they pester your animals, making them itchy and uncomfortable. What’s worse, some pets even have allergic reaction to the pests!

While there are many products that can be used to combat flea infestations, it’s vital to choose the right products that are appropriate for severity of your pet’s flea problem — otherwise you’ll end up wasting time and money as the flea problem gets worse. Today, we’re looking at the best ways to fight fleas.

Best Ways to Fight Fleas

Flea Collars

Flea collars are a great first line of defense to keep your animals safe from the tiny pests. Using a combination of pesticides that are harmless to animals and scents that disgust fleas, these collars have a high success rating. While your animal might not like having to wear an odd-smelling collar, it will help them avoid the worst of the flea infestation! This is just one part of the fight, however.

Flea Sprays

Spraying your carpets and furniture for fleas is another effective strategy. A number of high-quality flea sprays are sold in pet stores and online. Such sprays not only kill fleas but also help to kill their eggs. The trouble with fleas is that you will often think you’ve rooted them out, only for another round of eggs to hatch. The eggs can go dormant for months at a time before being activated by vibrations in the carpet.

As such, spraying in often-unused rooms is advised. That way, any hidden, dormant eggs can be killed by the spray. This prevents the eggs from reactivating when you or a pet enters a low-traffic room!

Diatomaceous Earth

Also known as D. Earth, this naturally occurring mineral deposit works wonders as a pesticide. If you’re having trouble with a particularly nasty flea infestation, consider this mineral. Make sure you purchase food grade diatomaceous earth, as it’s pet safe. Sprinkle it around your carpets and near the thresholds of your doors and windows. Earth works by compromising the lipids in fleas’ exoskeletons. The chemical interaction causes the fleas to become dehydrated, as their bodies can’t lock in water anymore. As such, they die of dehydration shortly after contacting the mineral. Don’t worry, though, the mineral doesn’t affect anything bigger than a small bug. The worst it can do to a pet is dehydrate them slightly, so just avoid getting it on your animals if you can!

Flea Pills

Flea pills for pets generally have the highest success rates for preventing and treating fleas. Pills come in chewable tablets or capsules that must be swallowed, usually with food. These oral medications for fighting fleas require a vet prescription, and usually fight flea adults or eggs, but rarely both at the same time. Flea pills, like other medications, come with side effects; it is essential for pet owners to ask what these side effects may include. The two most popular feel pills include Capstar and Comfortis, and both start working within hours of being administered.