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Is Your Card This Good? Best Credit Cards with No Annual Fees
It can be hard to build your credit. Credit cards come in so many varieties. How can you figure out which one is the best for you? To help you decide we’ve rounded up a selection of some of the best credit cards with no annual fees. These are... Read more
Which Credit Cards are the Best for Someone with Bad Credit?
If you have bad credit, it can feel next to impossible to dig your way out. It’s hard to get approved for loans, you have a hard time saving and getting ahead, and everything can feel like an uphill battle. When you’ve got bad credit, how can you right... Read more
Amazon Alexa to Have Full Spanish-Language Integration
Spanish-speaking Amazon Echo users have reason to be excited: Amazon has announced that their Alexa voice assistant will support Spanish-language commands. This news coincides with reports that app developers who have Alexa-enabled features on their apps can request developer kits to develop Spanish-language skills. Amazon to Speak Spanish Soon... Read more
Improve Your Credit Score: Start Today!
You may think that bad credit can keep you from getting a loan or credit card, but it can also cause bigger issues. It can leave you without a car, home or even jobless. The reason for this is that most enterprises use the credit scores of consumers to... Read more
2021 Subaru Outback Review
The 2021 Subaru Outback is an interesting pick when it comes to a full-sized SUV. It’s in a competitive price range, it offers ample features, and it’s great for families. Does it stand out compared the competition, though? Today we’re breaking it down in our 2021 Subaru Outback review.... Read more
2021 Subaru Ascent – The Best Yet!
Subaru’s first attempt at a three-row SUV, the Tribeca, wasn’t the best car in the world. In fact, it’s one of Subaru’s weaker models, and really failed to impress. Thankfully, the 2021 Subaru Ascent is here to change all of that. This three-row SUV is a great value and... Read more
The Best iOS Photo Apps for Shooting and Editing
Everyone loves to snap pictures! Every smart phone is equipped with great camera functionality, but they lack a decent photo app to go with it. Whether you’re looking to send pictures to family or post them to show your friends, you’re probably wondering which photo apps are the best!... Read more
Which Laptop is the Best for Photographers?
If you’re a photographer, or an aspiring photographer, you’re certainly going to be using photo editing software. You’re also going to want that software to be accessible on the go, so you can edit while you’re shooting. With that in mind, the photographer’s best friend is their laptop. Which laptop is the best... Read more
Which Cloud Storage Service is Right for You?
There a ton of great options when it comes to cloud storage! Many of them are free, but some offer some interesting paid features. If you have a lot of storage needs, whether it be for business or personal use, consider these great options for cloud storage!   Google Drive: Google... Read more
Best Dental Chews for Dogs
When it comes to dental health, it can be difficult to get your dog to sit still long enough for a proper teeth cleaning. However, there are tons of great options for dental chews for dogs! These are great, because dogs love chewing, and they help clean their teeth!... Read more