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Top SUVs for Seniors with Grandchildren
Are a grandparent with a number of wonderful grandkids you want to safely drive back and forth between fun events? Maybe you pick them up from school on Fridays so they can spend the weekend with you, or maybe you take them with you to church on Sundays. No... Read more
Time for a New Car Battery? Our Top Picks
Regardless of what kind of car you have or how you prefer to drive and get around, your car needs a battery. If your current battery is giving you trouble then it may be time to start looking for a new car battery. Today we’re looking at some of... Read more
Best Hatchbacks for 2019

Best Hatchbacks for 2019

Cars January 9, 2019 0

Hatchbacks are an interesting configuration of vehicle. For their small size and reasonable engines, they’re rather practical in terms of size and cargo space. They first appeared in post-WWII Europe as an alternative to station wagons. In the US, during the oil crisis, many families downsized significantly and found... Read more
Ford Edge ST Review: Sports Car Performance in an SUV?
While the Ford Edge might not seem like the most important car in the company’s lineup, it’s got more going on than you think. You see, the 2019 Ford Edge itself is simply a mid-cycle update to one of Ford’s lesser-selling car models. The 2019 Ford Edge ST, however,... Read more
The Secrets To Getting Better Gas Mileage
Holidays are a prime time to travel. You have time off work and family and friends are anxiously excited at the chance to see you. Its a great time for a road trip. What about the gas? Although gas is much cheaper this Christmas season, they’re still not giving... Read more
Tips for Saving Big on Your Next Car Rental
When you take a trip out of town, one of the expenses you have to keep in mind is your car rental. However, you don’t have to break the bank just to rent a decent ride to get you around town! Today we’re going to help you save big... Read more
2020 Ford Bronco: What We Know So Far
In 1996, the last Ford Bronco was released, much to the dismay of many outdoors-y enthusiasts. After the rugged, off-road capable 4×4 went off the market, many of Ford’s faithful mud-lovers ended up switching over to brands like Jeep. After all, the Jeep Wrangler has largely kept the spirit... Read more
Best Value for Used Mini Vans in 2019
When it comes to mini vans, the first thing you want is a good value. If you’ve got a big family with a lot of kids and want to cart them all around comfortably and affordably, you’re looking for a value minivan. As everyone knows, one of the best... Read more
Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean You Get a Better Car?
Buying used can help you really keep the costs down on a vehicle. However, how can you be certain that the vehicle you’re purchasing isn’t a lemon? How can you know what the vehicle has been through? Certified pre-owned vehicles are often considered the safer pick when it comes... Read more
Cars Redesigned for 2019: Check out the Newcomers
The time-honored tradition of redesigns is in full swing again in 2019. If you’ve been itching to get your hands on a brand-new, redesigned vehicle than this list is for you. Today we’re going over some of the coolest cars redesigned for 2019. From awesome luxury cars to SUVs,... Read more