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Netflix Cancels Punisher and Jessica Jones
It’s official: the era of live-action Marvel TV shows on Netflix has come to a close. After each show got a few seasons and the crossover “Defenders,” it looks like the Netflix MCU is now history. The last show we’ll see on the service will be the third season... Read more
Apex Legends Tops 10 Million Players
EA has had a surprise bit of good fortune with the release of Apex Legends, the newest game in the Titanfall series. Despite being free-to-play, battle royale, rife with microtransactions and bereft of giant mechs or wall-running, this “Titanfall” game has now seen 10 million players since its release... Read more
Xbox Live Coming to Nintendo Switch
No, you didn’t read that headline wrong. Microsoft’s Xbox Live is coming to the Nintendo Switch, per a recent listing from the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference. The news comes courtesy of a description for Microsoft’s presentation during the show. Is this the start of a new era of cooperation... Read more
The Gift of Music:  How to Do It the Right Way
Everyone has those people in life that are very hard to shop for. I mean what are you to get the person that has everything? Music. Music is always the best gift,  and for the people that have everything, it’s often the only gift. Music is universal and received... Read more
Google Assistant is About to Take Over Your Life
Our world has in a very short time become almost totally voice controlled by an autonomous A.I. robot with a pleasant female voice. One voice is always listening,  to answer, or facilitate your every whim. She can order your food, turn on your lights, tv, and set your A/C.... Read more
Are These The Best Earbuds for Working Out?
There is a phenomenon going down with the culture in our youths today. It seems the younger people have ditched the self-destructive and human deprecative behaviors of adolescent debauchery and replaced it with working out. Yes, I have said it before and that won’t stop me from saying it... Read more
Top Timeshare Destinations You Should be Looking At
Time-sharing is one of the most wonderful things to ever happen to America’s middle class. TimeShare gives you the option to own a beautiful piece of property in your favorite vacation spot for a fraction of the cost. How do they do this? It is a simple idea, take... Read more
Selecting the Best Seating for Your Home Theater
So you have finally succeeded in the crowning achievement of mankind: your very own home theater. I mean, everyone loves watching a great movie on a big screen with a phenomenal speaker system – but few would complain about losing the sticky floors, uncomfortable seats, and kids with smartphones... Read more
Affordable Ways to See a Broadway Show
Who doesn’t love a great live show? The songs, dance, pageantry and costumes are so very amazing, and we all love a good, or even average musical. Getting all dressed up and walking down 7th ave can be a glorious experience. There’s no shortage of enticing Broadway or Off-Broadway... Read more
Educational Trips that Won’t Bore the Kids
Kids are on Christmas break and are getting bored. What to do to entertain and enrich their little lives? Educational trips. Whether they’re a history buff or a drama queen, an animal lover or a budding chef, enriching travel experiences adds a learning component for a vacation truly worth... Read more