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Hurricane Michael Was Category 5 When it Touched Down: Updates
When Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida Panhandle in October of 2018, it caused absolute havoc. The storm was originally estimated to have hit at Category 4, though it seems that categorization might have been incorrect. New post-storm analyses show it hit at Category 5 when it touched... Read more
Ever Wondered What Jason Momoa Looks Like Without a Beard?
Jason Momoa is a very beloved actor and is known for his good looks, big muscles and killer beard. In a new YouTube video Momoa, who has played Aquaman and Khal Drogo, shaves off his famous beard, causing tons of his fans to cry out and ask “why?”. There’s... Read more
Early Galaxy Fold Models Experiencing Critical Failures
Samsung’s taking a huge gamble with their foldable smartphone. The Galaxy Fold is the first foldable smartphone with a plastic display hitting the market. However, within a few hours of each other, several prominent reviewers had their Fold review models begin experiencing critical screen failures and issues. Galaxy Fold... Read more
Attorney General Barr Releases Full Mueller Report
Despite the lengthy investigation and contentious creation of the report, Mueller’s full (well, slightly redacted) report has been made public. The release followed a press release by Attorney General Barr. On March 22nd, Robert Mueller’s team turned the report over to Attorney General Barr, who, in turn, provided a... Read more
Event Horizon Telescope Photographs Supermassive Black Hole
Is there anything in the cosmos more mystifying and terrifying than a black hole? The Event Horizon Telescope array has managed to do the impossible and photograph a distant black hole in the M87 galaxy. Well, the array photographed the hole in space where the black hole should be.... Read more
The Scoop on the New 2019 Ford Ranger
Who doesn’t love the old Ranger line of Ford trucks? Well, we’ve got good news for you: a full 8 years after the last we saw from the line, it’s being revived. That’s right, the 2019 Ford Ranger is on the way and set to double down on Ford... Read more
Netflix Cancels Punisher and Jessica Jones
It’s official: the era of live-action Marvel TV shows on Netflix has come to a close. After each show got a few seasons and the crossover “Defenders,” it looks like the Netflix MCU is now history. The last show we’ll see on the service will be the third season... Read more
Amazon Cancels its Planned New York Headquarters
Amazon has announced that it is canceling the construction of a New York headquarters. The project was slated to be an “HQ2” and involved a $3 billion incentive package from New York City. Protestors decried the incentive package and largely resisted the idea of Amazon further straining New York’s... Read more
Google Hardware News for 2019: Expect More Pixel Devices
Early reports of the “Made by Google” lineup for 2019 are here, thanks to Japanese newspaper Nikkei. The biggest news is mostly unsurprising, though it’s nice to have solid locks on the pieces of tech we’ve been speculating about. Namely, a budget Google Pixel, a Google Pixel 4, a... Read more
Eero Wi-Fi Routers Acquired by Amazon
Amazon announced yesterday that it has acquired mesh-router manufacturer Eero. Eero is a huge name in the world of mesh-network routers, and this move positions Amazon in a strong place for its Echo hardware. Eero is based in the Bay Area, where it has been operating since 2015. While... Read more