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Cool Uses for Your Old Smartphone: What to do When You Upgrade
When you upgrade to a new smartphone, it can be hard to decide what to do with your old phone. You don’t want to just toss it in a drawer, as it’s a great piece of technology. You could sell it, though doing so is a huge hassle and... Read more
Best Smartwatches: Fitness Tracking and Keeping Time in Style
One of the most notable changes in wearable tech in recent years has been the shift from more sci-fi, goofy wearables like Google Glass to more practical and stylish items like smartwatches. Whether you’re a busy professional who needs a handy wrist-mounted smartphone or a fitness enthusiast looking for... Read more
Stop Losing Your Keys—And Other Bluetooth Tracker Life Hacks
Bluetooth trackers give you a ton of options for tech-savvy users looking for great life hacks. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, so the more uses you can think of for them, the more useful they become. Today we’re going to help jumpstart your imagination by going... Read more
Laptop or Tablet: Which is Right for You?
There are times when you’re not quite sure which device you need for your various tech applications. If you’re looking for an all-around entertainment device, a productivity machine or something in between, it can be hard to decide between a laptop or a tablet. If you add two-in-ones to... Read more
Best Smart Speakers in 2019
While smart speakers were once seen as an unusual curio that your rich friends might have in their kitchen, they’ve become much more commonplace recently. The helpful and friendly voice that issues forth from the speaker is only part of the draw of these devices: they offer a wide... Read more
Best Deals on Laptops
Having a nice smartphone is cool, and a good tablet can be great for entertainment uses around the house. When it comes to productivity and getting things done, however, what you really need is a full-fledged laptop. As long as you’re not looking to go too far into the... Read more
Best Bluetooth Speakers for Your Summer Cookout
There’s nothing quite like having friends and family over in the backyard while you’re grilling burgers and hot dogs in the back. While you’re at it, why not throw on some great tunes to get the party really going? Today we’re looking at some of the best Bluetooth speakers... Read more
5G Networks are Coming: Are You Ready?
The biggest shift in wireless communications history is coming up soon, and it goes under the name “5G”. The newest advancement in wireless communications technology, 5G networks will revolutionize communications speed and change the way the world communicates. This might sound like hyperbole, but it isn’t: this will be... Read more
Real HomePod Killer? Sony’s Smart Home Speaker Now Just $50
Sony’s LF-S50G smart home speaker has recently received a price cut down to $50. The speaker started at $200, putting it at a comparable price point to Apple’s HomePod. With its new, reduced price, though, it’s a much sweeter deal than Apple’s expensive, ecosystem locked HomePod. Sony LF-S50G Speaker... Read more
Is Your Screen’s Blue Light Keeping You Up at Night?
Television screens, phone screens and computer screens all emit blue light that can make it very difficult to sleep. Your brain often perceives blue light as being similar to the light of the Sun. As such, this light has the effect of making your circadian rhythms misread the time... Read more