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Google’s New Pixel 4: Should You Upgrade?
With the Pixel 4 bringing so much newness to the table, why in the world should you keep your Pixel 3? It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Pixel 4 is loaded with upgrades compared to the Pixel 3. For some, the changes Google’s made might be enough... Read more
Whoa, New iPhone 11 Starts at ONLY $399! What’s the Catch?
In typical Apple fashion, the company played up improvements to the battery life, camera system and hardware under the hood of the new phones. But, what would it take for you to dish out another $1,000 for a new smartphone? What if we told you that you could get... Read more
Want the New Galaxy S Pen for Free? Here’s How:
The Samsung Galaxy line of devices still has that one feature, that one tool that no other phone pulls off quite as well – the S Pen stylus. Are you interested in the new S Pen but not quite ready to dish out $1,000+ on a new smartphone? Here’s... Read more
Which Galaxy is Which? Our Guide to the Crowded Samsung Phone Lineup
Samsung has been pretty busy making smartphones in their Galaxy family of phones. No fewer than nine Galaxy devices are new for this year, so it might be difficult deciding which is right for you. Thankfully, we’ve got the lowdown for you: here’s our guide to the Galaxy family... Read more
Best Ways to Save Battery on your Phone: Stop Running for the Charger
If you’re constantly finding yourself dashing for the phone charger, you’re probably sick of your short battery life. Why is your phone always dying, you ask? Well, you might have your phone settings drawing too much power from the battery. Here are some of the best ways to save... Read more
Which Smartphone has the Best Camera? Head to Head
Smartphones are getting better all the time, and one of the areas they’ve been excelling in recently is the camera. Smartphone cameras are an area where this is especially true: it seems that they’re always getting that much better! Which phone camera is the best, though? Today we’re going... Read more
Can’t Find the Time? Try these To-Do Apps
You’re busy every single day. You’ve got tons of stuff to do, but you can never find the time to squeeze it all in. How are you supposed to organize your time and take command of what you need to get done? One of the easiest ways to get... Read more
Fix that Cracked Phone Screen Today
A lot of people rock around this world with a cracked phone screen. However, you really shouldn’t. It’s not only bad for your phone, but it’s bad for your wallet and even your well-being. You need to get that cracked phone screen fixed, sooner rather than later! Don’t believe... Read more
Should You Buy an LG V40?
The newest phone from LG, the LG V40, is here and making waves. Is it worthy of all the hype surrounding it? Or is it a lame entry into the packed Android market? Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at this new smartphone and tell you whether... Read more
Five Things to Consider When Buying a New Cell Plan
Your cell phone and cell plan is a huge purchase and the center of all of your communication, and primary social tool. No longer are they for making calls in an emergency, they are now our most used possession. When we become so dependent on these devices, the cost... Read more