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Breaking News: You Can Now Rent Tesla Solar Panels for Super Cheap
Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, declared that 2019 would be “the year of the solar roof,” when launching a new program that lets homeowners rent Tesla solar panels for just $50 per month! An average solar installation will save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars over its lifetime. A green... Read more
Coolest Tech Takeaways from CES 2019
2019 is only just getting started yet we already have a roadmap for what kinds of tech we’re going to be seeing this year. The biggest takeaways from CES 2019, held in Las Vegas this year, are that technology is still changing in new and exciting ways. If you’re... Read more
ChroMorphous: New Color Changing Smart Fabric Controlled by an App
The next generation of wearable tech is upon us in the form of ChroMorphous, thanks to the hard work of researchers at the University of Central Florida. Their new battery-powered wearable tech changes color when turned on, and can be controlled directly from a phone app. Their color-changing clothes may... Read more
Looking for a tech job? Thankfully the tech world is a very different place than it once was.  At one point in time, tech jobs were considered very niche and not many opportunities were available. In the modern day, however, some of the best jobs in the world are... Read more
Hyperloop One, the Train of Tomorrow…Today
In 2017, Virgin Mobile purchased the Hyperloop One company and unveiled its concept for the train of tomorrow. Hyperloop One chose 10 cities around the world to introduce it’s high speed commuter trains and plan to grow from there. This underground train travel up to 7oo MPH in a... Read more
The light switch of the future…
The “start up” smart tech company, Brilliant, has emerged out of nowhere and is revolutionizing the home light switch as we know it.   The game changer In 2017, Brilliant brought their prototype “smart control panel” into production and into our homes. This new revolutionary control panel was quickly... Read more
Phillips Hue is Lighting up Our Homes.
The Good Smart bulb with LED color changing technology 16 Million different color variations Easy set-up and user friendly app The Bad $199.99 for a pack of four light bulbs can be costly The bulbs are known to make a somewhat loud humming noise the larger bulbs may not... Read more