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Breaking News: You Can Now Rent Tesla Solar Panels for Super Cheap
Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, declared that 2019 would be “the year of the solar roof,” when launching a new program that lets homeowners rent Tesla solar panels for just $50 per month! An average solar installation will save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars over its lifetime. A green... Read more
Tesla Cuts Prices Across Product Range
Tesla, the fan-favorite controversial electric carmaker, has cut prices across their entire product range as the tax credits on their vehicles fades towards the end of 2019. Previously, before 2019 started, Tesla customers in the US could get a $7,500 tax credit. From January 1st on that credit declined... Read more
Tesla Model S, Model 3 Post Results in Tire Rack One Lap of America
It’s no secret that Tesla’s electric vehicles have some ludicrous performance. Whether they’re being compared to other electric vehicles or conventional cars, Tesla’s vehicles can seriously burn some rubber. That was put to the test at this year’s Tire Rack One Lap of America, one of the most notorious... Read more
Tesla Being Sued Over Fatal Autopilot Crash
Surprisingly, luxury automaker Tesla is being sued over a deadly crash that occurred in early 2018. The family of Walter Huang, who died in a tragic accident when his Model X hit a central concrete median, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The suit claims that Tesla’s autopilot feature... Read more
Tesla Model 3 Receives a Price Cut, Not Yet at $35,000
The promise of the Tesla Model 3 is that it will one day be sold for $35,000, making it an “affordable” way to own an electric vehicle. However, as of yet, that price is not a reality. The Model 3 has just received a starting price cut down to... Read more
Tesla Model Y Closer than We Think?
Tesla CEO Elon Musk surprised investors on the Q4 earnings call be hinting at some new info regarding the upcoming Tesla Model Y. The Model Y, which is set be a companion to the affordable Model 3 sedan, will apparently share as much as 75% of its parts with... Read more
Tesla Production for Model 3 Triples in Second Quarter
After some recent controversy, a lawsuit against a saboteur and some unpopular layoffs, Tesla has some good news. After releasing the production numbers for the second quarter of 2018, the company has seen a three percent uptick in stock prices. It seems they kept their self-set goal of ending July producing... Read more
Tesla Employee Sued Over Alleged Sabotage
Following the recent news that Tesla believed it had been sabotaged, the company has sued former employee Martin Tripp. The lawsuit claims that Tripp, who worked at the company’s factory in Nevada, stole trade secrets and sent them to unknown third parties. If true, this could be a partial... Read more
Elon Musk Claims Sabotage of Tesla Model 3 Production
The Tesla Model 3 has been a hotly-anticipated vehicle. However, prospective owners have been stymied by the car’s notorious production shortages. However, it seems that circumstances out of Tesla’s control may have led to some of their recent troubles. In an email obtained by CNBC, Tesla CEO Elon Musk... Read more
Tesla, Autopilot and Self-Driving Cars: Responsibility vs Marketability
Elon Musk is a magnetic and charismatic man. His companies, Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company all promise to redefine transportation. And, to a degree, they have. The Tesla Model 3 was the most hotly-anticipated car of all time. The SpaceX program has made promising strides in the realm... Read more